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Server Store

Welcome to the New and Improved GameGhost Store!

ac4b3254fa7c7601a6d42ad0e0889948040aac49.pngRanks Pro and above now have access to their very own pets! Some Include:


ac4b3254fa7c7601a6d42ad0e0889948040aac49.png  Introducing: The Jetpack & Wings!

Donations are fully automatic and will take effect within 5 minutes after donating!

When you purchase anything from the store it will be broadcasted in the in-game server chat!

When you purchase any item on our store you should automatically receive it within 5 minutes in-game.
If you didn't receive it within 25 minutes please contact the Owner or Staff about the issue on Discord.
Before Purchasing, remember that these packages/items are reward(s) for donating.
Therefore no refunds will be given.
Donating for a friend? Use the "Gift this package" button.
We Currently Support Over 60 Different Payment Methods!
Message Teesxm For Paying With Steam GiftCards.



Simply Press the Ranks button in the menu on the left. Once you're on the ranks page, choose one to your liking and press buy.

No, we have a strict No Refund policy. The perks given to donators are considered digital goods and are ineligible to PayPal Purchase Protection according to the PayPal User Agreement §11.5.

We support over 60 payment methods. Simply choose the one that you need!

Yes, you can pay using a Steam Giftcard code. DM the Steam Giftcard to Teesxm and include what package you want from the store along with your Steam 64 ID.